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I've been teaching lampwork techniques and design for over 10 years. Hundreds of students & thousands of customers later, I continue to enjoy every aspect of my business. My absolute favorite part about it is igniting the fire & nurturing the passion for melting & designing with glass rods in a torch flame.The testimonials of my students fuel my desire to do so indefinitely! -Liliana

No matter how many classes I take with Liliana, she always has a new perspective on basic techniques and a creative sense of exploration of the new. Basic vocabulary + skills + inspiration + humor... Does it get better than that? -J.

Whether you're looking to melt glass for the first time or you want to better learn the whys and hows of lampworking, you won't find a better teacher than Liliana. Her hands on approach includes demonstration and time for experimentation. Science, laughter and magic combine with light for a one-of-a-kind experience. -J.D.

I took a weekend Snow Farm workshop with Liliana. When I first signed up, I was tempted to sign up for the full week-long workshop as well, but I thought "I've never even met, let alone worked with this instructor, what if I don't like the class?" Let me tell you how sad I was that I had to go home after just three days - if the weeklong course hadn't been sold out I would have moved heaven and earth to stay!! Not only is Liliana's fun personality and her joy of creating with glass completely infectious, but her smart, scientific explanations of WHY things work the way they do are such a critical foundation to build your skill set. She provides guidance and structure while encouraging your own unique style. I honestly can't wait to work with her again! -B.K.

As a beginning glass worker whose day job is dentistry, I really enjoy the chance to learn new things while building on the skills I have. Liliana's teaching did not disappoint! More than just making beads, I learned the most advanced techniques that I have yet been exposed to and felt well-challenged. Yet I also took a step back and re-learned the basics-such as laying the initial wrap and how to make the end of a core an "innie" not an "outie". Liliana's class was an interplay of concentrated effort, good humor, laughter, ABBA (and any musical artist you could think of), and skillful teaching: knowing when to tell, when to show, and occasionally, when to do. Under Liliana's watchful guidance, I developed new skills. But watching her work and seeing her designs have me inspiration and made me curious: how did you do THAT? And when she showed me, it was like magic, and an alternate universe of form--I never imagined that the glass would do THAT--how did you figure that out--did you invent that--and I became an "insider" in the world of glass. Now, to practice my new knowledge and make beautiful colorful things to enjoy and share! I have had classes with 4 teachers, and Liliana is the most engaging and thoughtful teacher who challenged us while letting us each grow from where we were. I have much to digest and practice from my weekend class! And the support I got wasn't just about lampworking, it was about making the most of my opportunities while taking good care of myself.  I felt more at peace with my world after a weekend with Liliana. Tired physically, but rejuvenated at my core! -Dr.S.K.

Liliana sets the standards for exploration in flameworking. Whether you're taking your first steps or conquering a new mountain, she'll make sure it's more than you ever imagined it would be. -K.M.

Liliana is an excellent teacher. She is patient with beginners but lets more advanced students "fly!". Her exuberance is definitely a factor in returning. She gives much more than 100% to her students. -A.

Liliana is cheerful, exuberant and a very good instructor. Never made any effort or result seem insignificant. I learned enough to continue on my own and enough to know I want another bead class. Liliana stressed safety along with technique - much appreciated! -D.S.

Liliana's very engaing, entertaining & informative. -A.

Liliana was exceptional in presenting information, demonstrating technique and supporting the learning needs of all. She is a delightful person whose personality enhances the class experience. -A.

Wonderful! Such elegance, patience & poise. -A.

Liliana is a terrific instructor - very clear in her instructions, wonderful analogies, organized - and delightful to be around. I can't believe how much I learned and how much I was able to accomplish as a complete beginner. -A.

Liliana was wonderful!!! Loved her. She was very knowledgeable and well versed in the subject matter. Her own work is amazing so I knew she would be able to teach the class amazing skills. I learned all the necessary skills to make lampwork beads. This course has set the foundation and now I can build on these skills and take it to the next level. -A.

I now want to go take classes at home. Hopefully the teacher will be like Liliana. -A.

Fantastic instructor, explains things very well. She did great demos. She was very helpful and patient. Also her sense of humor & vibrant personality made the class enjoyable and a lot of fun. -A.

Liliana is by far the best visual and entertaining instructor there is. Not to mention a great artist. -A.

Liliana is a truly beautiful person in many ways - she knows her art and can present it to us as students, with ease, clarity and a great sense of humor. -MJ.S.

Liliana was exceptional - her attention to her students was beyond expectations. She is a unique teacher and an incredible artist. -A.


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